On many sites that consider themselves to be helpful to the community of people that try to make an income on the Internet youíll find messages of this type. Those are similar to paid TV commercials for ìinternet informationalî products with testimonials from newly made millionaires. How to start a Blog

Question for you: If it is that easy [to succeed in i-biz] as they say, how come we are not all millionaires?
Letís explain the myth: Internet business, if you seriously get in, youíll find it out sooner or later, requires TIME, effort, money and good old fashioned luck to succeed. If you were about to start earning huge sums in your first month after buying their (informational, formula to succeed, software, etc.) product, first of all you would need to have enormous luck. Since you canít effectively invest that much time and money to learn all the tricks that first month of work with their product, realistically you canít expect that high returns in such a short time.
Believe me, online business can be harder than the ìdirty worldî business for at least two reasons: First is very competitive environment, since competitors could be just one click away and theoretically all you need to be in the race is build a website and choose the product you want to sell.

The other reason is, as I call it: Digging in the mud. When you have a website and try some promotional techniques, you start to ask yourself things like: why it works for my competitor and not for us? We use same technique, we have similar websites and still heís driving traffic to his website and I we are not?

Actually, the more research you do in this (internet promotion) field, you will discover the more and more things that affect internet promotion, and some things [techniques, methods] you took as granted might not work anymore. You took them for granted because someone somewhere wrote that it worked for him. But that could be x time ago and that might have been different conditions.

My advice is: Do not get confused by those ìquick-richî schemes, but rather go and do your own research. If you want real life examples, find and read interviews from persons that really built their online businesses by learning and trying different promotional techniques. Not everyone who can write an article and claims himself as successful marketer must actually be one. But if the person is a webmaster of a site with a reputation or editor of a newsletter with 100 000ís subscribers, Iím sure I want to hear what he has to say. And remember those three factors: time invested, effort invested and old fashioned luck.

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